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Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment and explore the different pages. I used my heart and soul endeavoring to create awareness to child sexual abuse. I am also advertising my novels ,’Deflowered Lyric’ and ‘Tears of the Deflowered’, written to shine the light on incest, rape and child molestation. Please purchase your copy and share the emotional lives and journeys of the characters as they all share their compelling stories of the effects when having their goodness stollen. Watch how God manifest in their lives.We all can and must do something to save our children. They are innocent victims and must be nourished and protected. Will you please join me in this movement? Please also purchase ‘Deflowered Lyric’ and let me know your thoughts.

The website is designed to be inspirational as God is the center of my life and I believe he is the answer for both you and me. Please enjoy the music and feel free to leave your comments.

If by chance you have experienced deflowering as a child, were raped or molested, my heart aches for you and my prayer is that the words of the song assures you that he has his hands on you. May God bless you and remember the real healing begins when you forgive.

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