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Someone Save Our Children

Someone Save Our Children

Will someone save our children from the abuse that lies within?
Within the debts of darkness

That’s covenant and sin.

Our children are being raped, molested, and killed

Sometimes by folks they call kin >
23% of sexual assaults occur under the age of 18

Adults were the offenders in 60% of the sexual assaults
Adults were the offenders of children under the age of 12 years old
89% of children being sexually assaulted involved persons known to that child
I taught my child to be accountable
No sex before marriage;
Use a condom
And how it’s better to practice abstinence

Then comes my family, friend, stranger, or acquaintance and They teach my child
No matter what age they are
They are never too young to be sexually mountable.
Will someone save our children
from the abuse that lies within?
Within the depths of darkness
That’s covenant and sin
No more covering up.
Trying to protect your so-called name.
Save our babies.
Make every perpetrator pay
Then our children will know that they are not to blame
They’ll grow up and learn to trust
And won’t be afraid to love
They’ll feel protected
It’s not an option
It’s a MUST!
J.J. Staples
© 2014