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#Fiction: Deflowered Lyric

by JJ Staples

Available On kindle, in Paperback & Hardcover

[“Deflowered Lyric” exposes the harsh realities of childhood sexual abuse by focusing on three characters.
Lyric is a child whose deflowering was discovered by a trusted adult. Readers learn the fascinating details about how she handles that discovery. Also disclosed is another episode of abuse that is hidden permitting the reader to observe a parallel of Lyric’s pain between the incidents of discovery and silence. Another child Jada, is fearful of hurting her mother and therefore holds her secret sin for too long. Her secret could cost her life. And a third character Judith, as a child immediately tells of her abuse—and almost loses the person she loves.

Readers learn through a series of riveting scenes how much pain sexual abuse can cause, how it thrives on false beliefs, and how it both creates and empowers survivors to begin a personal journey toward healing by breaking their silence. The writer uses poetry to introduce the scenes and life’s chapters of this fictional story about the authentic subject of deflowering children.

Childhood sexual abuse is nearly out of control. It may be the best-kept secret in our society. Its victims become adults with their little child’s hearts troubled by the pain of their past. J.J. Staples first novel, Deflowered Lyric should raise our awareness of these harsh realities described in graphic detail and with blunt language. The novel should stimulate parents, family members, friends and our total society about the need to stay watchful.

About JJ Staples:

JJ began her writing career long before she realized she would become an author. At the time, writing poetry became a necessity, which was dictated by her emotions. She kept her writings secret and only shared them with a very few close friends and family. Many of the poems listed in her book were written twenty plus years ago. Although ‘Deflowered Lyric’ is her first published book, she is far from a novice.

She has written numerous reports, articles, business plans and the like for a 35-year career corporate job. She recalls a manager expressing to her that her writings were like reading a book. This was preparing her for this moment in time. She credits God for revealing her purpose. She believes everything that happened in her life was designed and orchestrated to manifest itself at this particular time. Stepping out on faith, she retired from her job to walk in her purpose as ordered by her heavenly father.

When asked, why she would give up the security of permanent employment for the uncertainty of self-employment. She smiles and replies, “God said so.” She further explains her purpose is more than writing. “This is a movement to save our children from sexual abuse.

I want to educate children and adults about this once forbidden subject that seems to be continually swept under the rug

Along with her corporate career, she was also featured in several national television and radio commercials. Her sultry voice afforded her an opportunity to land a few voice over jobs in the Washington, DC area as well as National spots.

J. J. is a northern woman at heart but has fallen in love with the South. She was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. She attended Frostburg State College in Frostburg, Maryland studying nursing. After changing her major to social work, she transferred to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

After this, she married, birthed and raised two children and began her career until being offered a job promotion in Dallas, Texas. The warmer climate was her motivation to accept the transfer to the Great State of Texas. However, she remains a devoted Pittsburgh Steeler and Washington Redskins fan.

She is the proud mother of four adults, three boys and one girl of which two sons are from her blended family. She also shares her journey with as she describes, “Six perfect grandchildren.” Her prayer is that God will bless and protect them while she educates and helps to prepare them for life by passing on her faith and her own life experiences.

Walk on J. J. according to your purpose into your destiny. Those who have the pleasure of knowing you are positive that whatever you set your sights on, you will achieve. Having devoted almost 36 years to one company to help them fulfill their goals, it is about time you put the energy, compassion and knowledge into you own dreams and your PURPOSE!

Please feel free to contact J. J. for speaking engagements, book signings, child sexual abuse insight, the many different ways you can assist her with ‘saving our children’ or just to share your thoughts about ‘Deflowered Lyric’. She would love for you to be an integral part of her life’s journey to fulfilling her purpose and also perhaps yours. God bless you.
J. J. Staples
P.O. Box 631184
Irving, TX. 75063

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Aug 11, 2014
Save Our Children
by: JJ Staples

When will we put our foot down and say no more to child sexual abuse? The novel, designed to get us talking and thinking of solutions has hit the mark. Be a part of the solution not a part of the problem Help our babies. A GREAT READ!
Aug 06, 2014
by: Psymon H

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