Deflowered Lyric Excerpts

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Although Lyric remained unsure of what to do about her marriage, how to stop worrying about Nicke, or how to address Jada’s mental well-being, she rested in the faith of her own sagacity. She repeated and meditated on her declaration until the meaning took up residence deep inside her wounded heart and empty soul.

She reached for the remote to her Bose six-disc CD player and hit play, but not before repeating again, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Unknowingly, Yolanda Adams brought Lyric the word from God’s angel, who escaped through the speakers and over to her bed with the song “Open My Heart.” The song brought Lyric crashing down to a spiral low as she listened to her life and testimony sung: “Alone in a room. It’s just you and me. I feel so lost. ‘Cause I don’t know what to do. Now what if I chose the wrong thing to do. I’m so afraid, afraid of disappointing you. So I need to talk to you and ask you for your guidance, especially today when my mind feels so cloudy.”

When Yolanda sang the most compelling part of the song and the part that coincided to what Lyric now experienced—“My hopes and dreams are fading fast. I’m all burnt out and I don’t think my strength’s going to last,”—the tears flooded her eyes and rushed down her face. She was sure at that moment that there was a hairline crack in her heart. The pain flowed out of her like a faucet. She knew Yolanda was bringing her a word from God himself. She sensed he heard her pain and saw her tears, so he sent the answer in song. She wondered if Yolanda envisioned just how many people like her would identify with the words of this song. She even wondered if Yolanda understood her ministry was so far-reaching and capable of saving someone’s life. Lyric stopped thinking momentarily about the problems she was facing just to thank God for the gift he gave Yolanda. She clearly recognized Yolanda’s song was God’s way of talking to her and others in need. He was answering Lyric’s prayers at this exact moment. The solution was to open up her heart to the only one that held the power to help and save her.

“So show me how to do things your way. Don’t let me make the same mistakes over and over again.”

Lyric hit the repeat button. She wanted to be certain the words permeated every cell in her body. She was in a fight with the devil himself. He was trying to steal her joy.

Lyric closed her eyes and finally drifted into a peaceful sleep, believing her father held the authority to redress the disquiet in her life.


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