Deflowered Lyric

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In many instances in life, feelings are expressed or acted upon in varying ways. Pain and love although very different both provoke an emotional response. These responses manifest themselves sometimes in positive ways and other times in negative ways. The point is they will not be denied. One way or the other, they will be revealed. Deflowered: “To deprive virginity: To take away the prime beauty of.” Lyric knows all too well about pain and love. As a child, she was deflowered. Her prime beauty was stolen from her. On many occasions, she would revisit this time in her life. A sense of loneliness engulfs her as she struggles to understand why she had to endure this sexual abuse. Why her? She questions if it was because of something she did or was it the result of a generational curse? She chooses poetry as her voice to express the pain. Poetry allows her to become aware of her life experiences as she selects words arranging them to create a specific emotional response through the meaning of rhythm and sound. She hears a drum beat only those who have been deflowered can hear. Lyric in her quest to understand her pain discovers her life’s purpose. Her revelation comes from God through a sermon preached by Bishop T D Jakes entitled “Save The Scraps”. The words that resonated for her were, “The miracle is not in what you lost but what you have left.” Bishop Jakes explains, “That which remains is more valuable than that which was lost.” God speaks to Lyric’s heart telling her to take her scraps and tackle the secret sins of incest, child molestation and rape. She gets busy doing the work of her heavenly father by first helping to expose her friends and family. Her plea and purpose becomes to ‘Save Our Children!

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4 thoughts on “Deflowered Lyric”

  1. It has definitely peaked my curiosity. I love what I have read thus far and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for sharing and I pray favor over your gift.

  2. Loved the cover photo and the book’s description. I was unable to play the video. I got an error message “invalid perimeters” but I tried to watch it in my phone. So proud of you. I know you’re book is going to be a success.

  3. Love the cover and the introduction. I kept looking for the forward button so I could turn to the next page. I can hardly wait to read the book. I’m proud of you my sister friend.

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