Discussion and Book Club Questions

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  1. Why did Lyric believe her sister Angela was obliged  to explain their past to her? Why was Angela so against revisiting her past?
  2. Lyric referred to her grandmother as her momma. When did she learn differently and by whom? Do you think this revelation had an effect on Lyric and if so how was  it manifested in her adult life?
  3. List Lyric’s, Nicke’s, Officer Nelson’s and Jada’s scraps? Include when, where, how and who? Are there any commonalities? Are there any differences?
  4. What are your thoughts about Lyric and Lauren finding money on their scavenger digs? Where do you think the money came from?
  5. Many writers believe that a book should either be written in  first or third person but never both in the same story. Lyric generally revisits her past through her dreams, which are usually in the third person. Why do you think in one scene the author revisited Lyric’s life in first person? Was there any significance in reverting to the first person?
  6. Lyric felt responsible for her sexual encounter with Cedric. Why?
  7. Lyric’s mother gave her specific instructions on how young ladies should carry themselves around boys and men. What were they? Do you think her mother was being over protective or should they be  standard instructions taught to all little girls?
  8. Why did Lyric not tell of Cedric’s sexual abuse to her?
  9. Nicke felt Charles treated her better when she was an alcoholic. What did he stand to gain or lose if Nicke returned to drinking?
  10. Why did Jada wait so long to confess that Charles sexually abused her?
  11. Were there any warning signs that Nicke should have seen regarding Charles and Jada’s relationship?
  12. What Justification (s) did Charles use for deflowering Jada?
  13. The book cover shows a depiction of an ‘eye’ in the sky. What do you think was the author’s intent of placing  it  on the cover? Is the eye feminine, masculine or non-gender specific? Explain your position?
  14. What were the different emotions Jada felt for Charles?
  15. Jada, Lyric and Officer Nelson all handled exposing their deflowering differently. Discuss their different ways.  Explain the pro’s and con’s of each way.
  16.  In Deflowered Lyric, who was killed? Were you surprised, upset or keenly aware of the outcome prior to the ending.
  17. Should there be a book two to further develop the plot and the ending?
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