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Please support i-CAPS. Lyric has started a non-profit organization to help educate and protect children. We must openly have discussions on a subject that is difficult for people to acknowledge. Sexual abuse occurs everyday to children of all ages including infants. We must stand up to the truth and stop perpetrators from using children for their own selfish gratification. Our children need to be educated at early ages on what is proper touching and what is not. They also need to be provided with several avenues where they can comfortably report assaults. Moreover, we must believe our children.

Adults should create safer environments for children. So many, trust others without bothering to know the person; they babysit our children, are boyfriends, girl- friends, spouses and other family members.

Sexual abuse to children has long reaching tentacles for adult survivors. Children are robbed of their childhoods. The results carry into their adult life and are manifested through, lack of trust, self-mutilation, depression, non-healthy relation- ships, pain masking through the use of alcohol or drugs and many more. Researches suggest many victims become offenders and the cycle continues.

Please save our children!



Protected against

Sexual abuse


If a child is being abused, Please contact:


Adults (trusted)

Parents or Police

Schools (teachers or administrators)

To report child abuse cases, please contact your Department of Social Services. The contact number for local child welfare agencies can be found http:// www.childwelfare.gov/


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